Our Story

In 2009, I started out making a bag for one of our boys, using some of my husbands old gear. Breaking a few sewing machines along the way and getting very frustrated by the strength of the material, a bag was eventually produced. Made a few more and thought I am really on to something.

At the time, life got in the way so to speak. I am a Nurse by trade and had just started a new job. The oldest was getting married, two kids in high school/sports..... you get the idea.

Fast forward 5 years, by this time we had moved into our forever home and my husband had threatened to throw out my little stock of used gear (taking up too much room in his garage). So I commenced with finding better sewing machines, learning how to put a zipper in and making some products. On a whim, I sent an email to a craft show in our area and was accepted. Then went, OMG how am I going to make enough for a show.(still working full-time-loved my job) The response was incredible and we continued to grow.

In 2016, I quit my day job and have never looked back.The journey has been incredible, exciting, daunting at times and humbling. 

The journey would not be possible without the support from family and many friends ( some new and some old) .

Stop by often to check in on what we are put to.